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Joining Our Team

We are always welcoming to new high school students that want to join the team. If you are a parent or an adult that would like to help then you could join as a mentor to help teach students. On the team, you can join many different subgroups that aren't just mechanical.

We are a team that is based on learning practical skills that members can take into the real world after high school. Some of those skills are public speaking, interviewing, using power tools, and fundraising. These are skills that are taught on the team to any high school student who is interested and on the team. By any high school students we mean any because even tho we are based out of East Catholic High School we accept any high school students from Manchester, surrounding areas, and any homeschooled students. If you are interested in joining you can submit a form below or email us at

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Aetos Dios is part of UConn 4-H.

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