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The programming team focuses on writing software for the robot and its different parts so that it works efficiently. Each year, different code is written to control our robot based on what we want to do for that years game. This includes programming the motors that control the wheels of the robot and all other parts of the robot that are meant to help interact with game pieces.



The safety team focuses on keeping the members of our team safe throughout the robotic season. This includes correcting unsafe habits that occur in the workspace and creating weekly safety quizzes to keep students and mentors up to date with safety. In addition to this, a safety animation is created by the safety team, along with the art team, each year to enter for the Safety Animation Award. The winner's animation is played at all robotic competitions for that year.



The Design team helps to design parts for our robot. They do this with the software called SolidWorks. Once a general idea of our robot is brainstormed, Design will create specific parts for our robot. They will then insert specific measurements into the software to create blueprints for the parts. Once these blueprints are made, we can make them in the process called machining. As more parts are put into Design, the pieces of our robot can become more precise, therefore causing the performance if the robot to increase.



This team is broken into 3 main parts: Mechanical, Electrical, and Pneumatic. The mechanical part focuses on designing (with input from other groups) and building the base, drivetrain,  and other specialized parts based on that years game. The electrical part focuses on wiring the robot to allow power to get to the motors. Lastly, the pneumatic part focuses on setting up tubing to allow air to get to the pistons on our robot.



Art team consists of 3 different parts: Photography and video, digital design, and imagery. Photography and video keeps a digital record of our team's progress in photos and videos. Digital design focuses on digital art such as animation and pin designs. Imagery focuses on designing our art, and making that design turn into reality. This includes our art that we put in our pit during the competitions. Each year, art team incorporates the theme of the season into their art.



The business team manages all relations between our team and our sponsors. This includes applying for grants and managing donations from sponsors. In addition, business team oversees fundraising for our team by organizing fundraising opportunities that our team can participate in. Once an idea of the amount of funds we have for the year is in place, the business team will then make a plan to manage those funds to sustain the team throughout the year.


Web/Social Media

The website and social media team helps to create our team's public image. The website aspect of this subgroup maintains, updates, and adds new parts to our website. This includes adding outreach events, fundraisers, competitions, and more to the  website when appropriate. The social media aspect of this subgroup maintains the social media accounts of our team. This includes posting relevant information about our team and updating our followers.

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