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Team Safety Rules

  • Must wear safety glasses when working on the robot, when driving the robot,

       when using tools or even if you are near tools being used

  • One power tool or saw at a time - one student at a time

  • A mentor must be present when power tools are being used

  • Tools are to be used for intended purposes only

  • Do not use tools/equipment until trained

  • Do not handle power tools unless you are about to use them

  • Keep power tools unplugged unless you are about to use them•

  • Check all tools before use, if a tool is broken, notify a mentor and DO NOT USE

  • No long hair or loose clothing items/jewelry when using tools

       (put hair up, tuck hoodie strings inside)

  • Do not crowd anyone using the power tools – keep your distance

  • Do not block any doors - if you cut materials near the door,•

       make sure you pick anything that falls up so nothing is blocking the door

  • No horseplay - stay on task

  • No open toe shoes

  • No drinks near tools, robot, drive station, laptops

  • Wear hand protection when appropriate

  • Wear ear protection when appropriate

  • Clean up after yourself


Aetos Dios 
FRC 7153

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Aetos Dios
is part of
UConn 4-H.

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