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Team Mentors

Heather in Space Suit.jpg

Heather Regan Curcio

As the Lead Mentor of team 7153, Mrs. Curcio is the main communicator among mentors, student members, and East Catholic High School administration. Currently working at SpaceFitters, LLC, she brings to the team her business administration experience and the partnership with SpaceFitters.

Jack in Space Suit.jpg

Jack Percy

As an alumnus of FIRST, Jack participated in FIRST Robotics Competitions for the past 4 years, two of which as a primary member of the Drive Team. His experiences at FIRST inspired him to pursue engineering at the University of Connecticut. On Team 7153, Jack helps the students understand the manual and certain rules and wordings. Already possessing practical knowledge of FIRST competitions, Jack works hand-in-hand with the Drive Team and assists developing game strategies and efficient driving skills.

Laureen in Space Suit.jpg

Laureen Curley

Mrs. Curley works as the Sales Support Manager at Sulzer Pumps Solutions. On Team 7153, Mrs. Curley focuses on mentoring the Business Team for fundraising, sponsorships, spirit, and outreach.

Barry in Space Suit.jpg

Barry Curcio

Mr. Barry Curcio assists Aetos Dios in robot building, programming, outreach, and general guidance. In addition to mentoring team 7153, Barry volunteers for The Trail of Terror. Barry is currently a Senior Infrastructure Engineer for the Hartford. From his diverse working and volunteering experiences, Barry is determined to encourage his mentees to express themselves creatively. His passion for community service inspires Aetos Dios to undertake the responsibility of continuous devotion to the society.

Matt in Space Suit.jpg

Matthew Curcio

An alumnus from FRC, Curcio has a collective 9 years of experience with FIRST robotics. He is a mentor for programming, CAD, and 3D printing.

Chris in Space Suit.jpg

Chris Curley

Mr. Curley has spent 4 years as a build mentor prior to his mentorship on Aetos Dios. He assists Aetos Dios in the design and mechanical build of the robot. In addition to FIRST, Mr. Curley also volunteers for a local fire department. As a Senior Inventory Planner at Kaman Industrial, his expertise and experience provide invaluable insights for the team.

Nick in Space Suit.jpg

Nick Curley

Also an alumnus of FIRST, Nick is one of Build and Drive Team mentors on Aetos Dios. Currently studying MEM engineering at the University of Connecticut, Nick incorporates his in-class and practical knowledge in his mentorship.

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Aetos Dios is part of UConn 4-H.

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