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2018 Season


The 2018 season was Aetos Dios's rookie year. That year was driven by passion and enthusiasm. The team members of Aetos Dios are always ready and eager to learn. FIRST Team 7153, known as Aetos Dios, was founded by a high school senior, Daniel Huang, in late October 2017. That year, the team included 12 students, 6 FRC experienced mentors, 2 FRC alumni.

Daniel was eager to fulfill a 3-year wish to join an FRC Team at his high school. With no financial support, facilities, or mentors, the school administration hesitated to approve Daniel’s proposal to launch an FRC team. After many negotiations with the school administration and the generous help from Mrs. Carol Scully, the regional director of New England FIRST Robotics, who met with Daniel at the Makers Fair in Hartford, CT, Daniel used his perseverance to persuade the school. His unceasing passion towards robotics attracted 11 like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds to join Aetos Dios. These 12 included exchange students from several different countries, like Brazil, Turkey, and China.

With a good work ethic and creativity, the team was able to win both of their district events and many awards. The team qualified for NE Championships in Boston, Massachusetts. There they qualified for World Championships in Detriot, Michigan. The legacy of those original members continues today!


Daniel Huang


Aetos Dios 
FRC 7153

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Aetos Dios
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